'Yellowjackets' star teases season 2 finale

'Yellowjackets' actor Jasmin Savoy Brown said the finale twist will shock fans

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Yellowjackets star teases season 2 finale
'Yellowjackets' star teases season 2 finale

Jasmin Savoy Brown is hyping up the Yellowjackets season 2 finale; adding the last five minutes of the episode will drive fans crazy.

Speaking to Cinemablend, the actor said, “The finale is insane. There's something humongous that happens in the adult timeline that I'm curious to see how people are going to react. It's going to be an emotional response.”

"And the same for the '96 timeline. Literally both timelines the last 5 minutes of the show everything gets **. So, I can't wait to go on Twitter and Reddit and see what people have to say about both twists. Because both are **,” she added.

Showtime's series designer Amy Parris also teased the season 2 finale.

In a conversation with Digital Spy, Parris said, “When I first watched season one, I thought, well, they definitely wanted to give season two somewhere to go, you know, and to get even dirtier.”

"Up until I think [episodes] seven and eight, the characters are still looking relatively clean-ish. I mean, they're dirty, but you'll really see in [episode] nine, they just get like roughed up, and they really are depraved and sad and desperate,” she added.

"So it really starts kind of mellow and minor and goes a little crazy by the end, just so you could see the progression of how dirty and messy and gross and smelly they'd be at this point,” the designer said.