Prince Andrew knew he would do 'better job' than King Charles as monarch

Prince Andrew planned a coup against King Charles future as King

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Prince Andrew always knew he would be a better King than his elder brother, Charles.

The now banished Prince, who was also a spare to King Charles, wanted to replace his sibling ahead of succession.

Writing about Andrew's scheme, Royal expert Angela Levin notes: "Andrew, like Harry, was the ‘spare’, second in line to the throne until Prince William was born in 1982 and replaced him in the succession."

"And he became convinced that he would do a better job than his more sensitive older brother.

Ms Levin then adds how Andrew secretly planned to remove Charles' position in the line of success back when his mother was still Queen.

"I’ve been told by a royal insider that there were discussions between Andrew, Fergie and Princess Diana as to how Prince Charles might be pushed aside.

"This would have left Andrew as Regent to Prince William, who was then still a teenager, effectively putting the Duke of York on the throne.

Ms Levin continues: "As I explain in my book, Camilla, From Outcast to Queen Consort, Andrew went so far as to try and persuade the late Queen to agree to their plan."