Brad Pitt blames Angelina Jolie of forcing ‘stranger’ into his ‘family home’

Brad Pitt accuses Angelina Jolie of selling her stakes in French estate, Château Miraval, to cause him harm

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Brad Pitt blames Angelina Jolie of forcing ‘stranger’ into his ‘family home’
Brad Pitt blames Angelina Jolie of forcing ‘stranger’ into his ‘family home’

Brad Pitt has accused Angelina Jolie of selling her shares in their French estate, Château Miraval, without consulting him in an effort to inflict harm on him.

The Babylon star claimed that the Maleficent actor “knowingly violated” his and his company’s “contractual rights” and forced a “stranger” into the Hollywood hunk’s family home.

He also pointed out that the association that Jolie formed with Russian billionaire Yuri Shefler poses an “existential threat to the business” due to the new part owner’s ties to Russia amid Ukraine war.

Pitt’s lawyers have also penned in the recent court filings that the actor discovered the new deal via a press release as his ex-wife had kept him in dark about it to get back at him amid their ongoing custody battle.

“That was by design: Jolie collaborated in secret with Shefler and his associates to pursue and then consummate the purported sale, ensuring that Pitt would be kept in the dark,” new documents filed by Pitt claimed.

The docs added that Shefler’s Stoli company and Jolie “knowingly violated Pitt’s and [his company] Mondo Bongo’s contractual rights and forced a stranger into Pitt’s family home.”

For the unversed, Pitt filed a lawsuit last year against Jolie over their once jointly owned vineyard in the south of France.

The former flames had bought a controlling stake in the said vineyard in 2008 and decided that they would not sell their stakes without consulting each other.

However, the Eternals star sold her interests in the winery following her messy divorce from Pitt in 2016, to Russian liquor giant Stoli enraging the Fight Club actor.

The new paperwork also revealed that the winery business was the father-of-six “passion,” which made him join forces with winemaker Marc Perrin in 2013.

“Together they would create one of the first high-end rosé wines, branded as a family-owned, family-run French wine business. That strategy met with success,” the docs revealed.

“Under Pitt’s and Perrin’s stewardship, Miraval has grown into a multimillion dollar global business and one of the world’s most highly regarded makers of rosé wine.

“Jolie, though supportive of Pitt’s efforts on behalf of the family, did none of the work necessary for Miraval’s success.

“Instead, she stood by as Pitt invested money and sweat equity into the home and business in reliance on her promise to hold Miraval together, as well as the contractual rights her holding company Nouvel owed his.”