Meghan Markle can’t have her ‘dynasty’ with Prince Harry

Experts believe Meghan Markle can ‘never hope to survive’ in Hollywood without a complete rebranding

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Meghan Markle can’t have her ‘dynasty’ with Prince Harry
Meghan Markle can’t have her ‘dynasty’ with Prince Harry

Meghan Markle is allegedly in ‘dire’ need of a rebranding if she intends on keeping her business afloat.

These admissions have been shared by Ms Daniela Elser who believes Prince Harry will ‘surely’ have to leap through massive loopholes in order to become successful in Hollywood again.

She weighed in on everything while explaining, “Unless he somehow manages to single-handedly save the entire pachyderm genus from poachers, I’m not sure anyone will actually care – or watch – that much.”

According to Ms Elser noted, “Likewise, Meghan and her much-vaunted Goop-esque empire that is always meant to be in the offing,” Ms Elser also noted.

“There are nearly as many A-listers (and B and C-listers) trying to set themselves up as shamans of the throw rug set as there are big names slyly sucking up Ozempic.”

So “For this to work as a business proposition, the duchess will need to find some serious point of difference or way to distinguish herself from every other famous gal trying to sell $142 soy candles and face serums that cost as much as your quarterly power bill.”

These claims and admissions have come in response to allegations that Meghan Markle needs to separate herself from Prince Harry if she wants to survive as a brand.