Wednesday, July 19, 2023
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Prince Andrew slammed for 'not listening to advice'

Prince Andrew has been "allowed to behave very, very badly and it reflects on the monarchy"

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Prince Andrew slammed for not listening to advice

King Charles III's younger brother Prince Andrew has been flayed for being "naive" and "lacking self-awareness".

The Duke of York was lambasted for his solo decision after he went ahead with his disastrous interview despite advice not to.

The disgraced royal, 63, notoriously sat down with BBC's Newsnight in 2019 where the Duke tried to defend himself from allegations put forward.

Andrew Lownie, the author of Traitor King, said Prince William and Harry's uncle made many decisions "against the advice of others", including his infamous interview with Emily Maitlis.

The royal author, on an episode of the Scandal Mongers podcast about Andrew's friendship with disgraced Jeffrey Epstein, said Sarah Ferguson's ex-husband "is very naive and he's very loyal as he said [in the Newsnight interview] he's been brought up in a bubble with all the people around him telling him how wonderful he is and that he can do no wrong."

Lashing out at Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie's father, Lownie said: "He basically doesn't listen to advice."

"A lot of decisions that he's made, which have been terrible, clearly going on Newsnight, are decisions that he made against the advice of others."

The writer continued: "Prince Andrew was indulged, spoilt, no boundaries there [...] and also not very intelligent and self-aware and as a result of that he's been allowed to behave very, very badly and it reflects on the monarchy."

Andrew, after his appearance on the programme, withdrew from public duties and has since kept a low profile. 

During the second episode of the two-part documentary "Andrew: The Problem Prince", host Ms Maitlis reveals that the late Queen Elizabeth recognised the interview's misjudgment before her son did.