Kanye West crashes Italian wedding amid police investigation in all-black attire

Kanye West photographed crashing an Italian’s couple’s wedding day, amid his rumored police investigation

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Kanye West ends up crashing another man’s wedding in a shocking display.

Kanye West has just made a display of himself after deciding to crash the wedding of a couple in Florance, Italy.

This occurred right after Kanye and his wife became embroiled in a police investigation over Bianca Censori’s inappropriate outfits.

A video of the gate crashing has even been caught on TikTok and amassed thousands of views.

The video caption also included a caption that reads, “Imagine getting a pic [with] Kanye West at your Italian wedding.”

The couple was also heard chatting up the rapper and the voice of the groom also followed through in the video as he said, “In Atlanta, we live right above Grant Park.”

Kanye’s ensemble for the wedding includes his signature all-black look as well as well as a face and head covering.