‘Explosive love triangle’: Irina Shayk using Bradley Cooper to make Tom Brady jealous?

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Irina Shayk seems to be using her ex-boyfriend Bradley Cooper and current lover Tom Brady by pitting them against each other in a petty war to win her.

The Russian supermodel wants to settle down, claimed an insider, but the former NFL star has just come out of 13-year marriage to Gisele Bündchen and wedding is the last thing on his mind.

As for the Maestro star, he is not ready to commit to the model, the insider said, alluding that his refusal to settling down was the major cause behind their split in 2019.

Hence, Shayk appears to be making both men jealous, the insider claimed to Life & Style, as her main goal is to settle down and have another baby and it does not matter with whom.

With her sizzling topless photos, captured by Cooper, she was able to make Brady “insecure,” the source said, while her PDA filled outings with the athlete made the A Star Is Born actor envious.

Tom Brady, new lover Irina Shayk, her ex Bradley Cooper caught in 'most explosive love triangles'

‘Explosive love triangle’: Irina Shayk using Bradley Cooper to make Tom Brady jealous?

“Bradley, Irina and Tom are in one of the most explosive love triangles Hollywood has seen in years,” the insider told the publication.

They asserted, “Irina says she cares about Tom and they haven’t called things off, but she’s also never stopped loving Bradley.”

“Bradley doesn’t usually fall for petty games. He’s pretty straightforward and no-nonsense, but he’s also a huge football fan,” so if there was anyone Shayk could date to make him feel envious, “it would be Tom,” a seven-time Super Bowl champion, the insider noted.

The insider continued, “A lot of people are questioning if Irina’s been using Tom to make Bradley jealous,” adding, “If that’s the case, it looks like it worked.”

However, the insider also mentioned that same could be said of her potentially using Cooper to make Brady jealous. Meanwhile, her friends are warning her that she is playing a “dangerous game.”

Tom Brady new girlfriend Irina Shayk only going after 'successful, high-profile man'

Irina Shayk, currently dating sports star Tom Brady, just goes after famous men, the source noted, alluding that it does not matter who she ends up with, he just has to be successful.

The insider said Shayk “gets what she wants” most of the time, noting, “She’s only interested in being with a successful, high-profile man.”