'Oppenheimer' marks another major milestone

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Oppenheimer marks another major milestone
'Oppenheimer' marks another major milestone 

Since release, Oppenheimer is shattering records; the latest one is set to de-seat the Bohemian Rhapsody as the highest-grossing biopic at the box office globally.

Christopher Nolan's maverick surpassed the $900 million mark and is set to cross the $912 million, making it partly behind to the 2018 Queen biopic, which netted $910.8 million internationally.

Notably, Rami Malek displayed his set of talents in both films. In Bryan Singer's project as Freddie Mercury this also won him the Academy Award, and a nuclear scientist David L. Hill in the critically-acclaimed movie.

In another milestone, the Cillian Murphy-starrer film also registered the record of becoming the top World War II film ever after it surpassed $500 million last month.

Meanwhile, the Christopher-led project was touted as a CGI-free movie. But the film's VFX supervisor Andrew Jackson told The Hollywood Reporter, "Some people have picked that up and taken it to mean that there are no visual effects, which is clearly not true."

The VFX artist continued, "Visual effects can encompass a whole lot of things. That includes computer-generated imagery and "in-camera" special effects created on set."