Why are Prince William and Kate Middleton hiring a CEO?

An advertisement details the qualities they are seeking in their new employee

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Why are Prince William and Kate Middleton hiring a CEO?

Prince William and Kate Middleton have received mixed reactions as an advertisement said they are hiring a Chief Executive Officer (CEP) to run their royal household.

The job advertisement for the position asked for a person who is "emotionally intelligent" and with a "low ego".

It said the "unique opportunity" would see the successful candidate report directly to William and Kate.

The ad said those applying must be "emotionally intelligent, with 'low ego', and strong self-awareness and understanding of their impact on others".

Anyone wanting the job must be "able to operate as a 'servant' leader, empowering the senior team", while other key qualities included being an experienced leader, an appreciation of Kate and William's duties and responsibilities, and being an "inspiring internal champion".

A large number of people criticized the couple after the advertisement appeared online.

A royal observer defended the couple saying, "They have consistently had individuals performing identical roles in the past, albeit under different job tiles. For instance, Jamie Pinkerton occupied a position similar to what the new CEO would oversee."

Emili HRH said the new hiring is not a significant matter because, "The sole distinction would likely be the job title, and perhaps they will select someone with stronger strategic abilities to navigate the current socio-economic landscape."