‘Meghan Markle’s ‘overpaid’ with a ‘lack’ of talent

Experts have started to voice fears surrounding Meghan Markle’s dwindling popularity and ‘lack of talent’

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‘Meghan Markle’s ‘overpaid’ with a ‘lack’ of talent
‘Meghan Markle’s ‘overpaid’ with a ‘lack’ of talent

Royal experts have just started to reference the nature of Meghan Markle’s popularity, given that it is allegedly matched, only by, her lukewarm interest.

Admissions about this have been shared by royal commentator Daniela Elser.

Her piece for News.com.au highlighted all of this, and reads, “Going into the Games, it was crystal clear that Harry and Meghan needed to overwrite the increasingly negative image they has calcified around them throughout this year”.

Whether that be information about them “as chronic complainers blinkered to their incredible privilege; as overpaid, underworked hires whose lack of talent was only matched by lukewarm public interest their non-Palace baiting projects; and as two people whose royal lustre had tarnished, perhaps irreparably.”

Prior to the games, “Sussex Inc seemed to be taking on evermore water.”

They allegedly went for a rebranding and showed the world, “The Sussexes are clearly hungry to start new chapters, new matching notebooks and new eras of their careers”.

So much so that the next course of action would “seem to be a professional separation of sorts.”