NSync’s Joey Fantone opens up on real reason behind reunion and future albums

NSync’s Joey Fantone is always in a 'Better Place' and is fueling fans hopes of new album in 2025

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NSync’s Joey Fantone is always in a Better Place and is fueling fans hopes of new album in 2025
NSync’s Joey Fantone is always in a 'Better Place' and is fueling fans hopes of new album in 2025

NSync’s Joey Fantone has opened up about Justin Timberlake’s exit from the band, the idea for their reunion with new song, Better Place and the odds of the band making an album and going tour.

In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment, the singer and performer explained how the reunion of the band came about and Justin Timberlake’s hesitation in reuniting with the band earlier.

“Justin came up to us about the idea and … it only fit right for us to do this together as a group. I think the message, the meaning, everything just all around, came to him,” he said of the plot of the Trolls movie.

“Because you got to really think about it, too, that he's the youngest one of the group. In general though, think about it this way: He is at the top pinnacle of his career, for many years now. There's nothing wrong with that. Nobody's upset about that. We all love it and we all support it,” he reflected.

“But when you're going to go backwards… do you think you want to go backwards? If you go back, would you want to split it four ways with other people again, or do your business that you built up yourself?”

When asked about the sentiments of the band members now, the Dancing With the Stars alum said, “I’m always in a better place. I don’t know about [my bandmates]; I can't speak for them. But I'll speak for myself,” Fatone says. “Do I ever get mad or do I ever have a bad… yeah, we have our moments. But I'm always looking at the positive side of things…”

As for making a new album with the band, the singer had a realistic outlook: “That takes time. … If you're doing a whole album, you've got about 13 or 14 songs, then you want to do about probably 30 or 40, because you don't know which ones you really want to pick,” he explained.

“And now you've got five other guys that got to figure out what's going on. That's just the music itself — then you got to figure out a tour. Think about how long Taylor Swift's tour probably took to build!”

“You never know,” he added, fueling hopes of NSync fans. “I can actually say, ‘You know what? That's a possibility — 2025, that's a possibility.’ But, there's four of the guys I have to talk to about that.”