Prince Harry risking a ‘warpath’ is a risky move

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Prince Harry risking a ‘warpath’ is a risky move
Prince Harry risking a ‘warpath’ is a risky move

Prince Harry has just been warned against risking a warpath with King Charles.

Insights into this possibility has been shared by royal commentator Daniela Elser.

She weighed in on everything in one of her pieces for

In it she weighed in on possibility that Meghan Markle’s rumored publishing piece may not be a memoir.

The converastion began with the expert noting, “it has to be said that while they might be writing books that is not to say they are necessarily writing autobiographies.”

She also added, “Maybe Harry is working on one about attracting hummingbirds and hedge maintenance (their Montecito estate looks like it has quite a few) and Meghan is penning some self-helpery full of Rumi quotes and cod psychology.”

Before concluding she later chimed in to say, “Adding weight to this possibility is that the Sussexes making an about face and going back down the royal family warpath would be risky, potentially further eroding their support base in the US and reinforcing the perception in some quarters that they are over-privileged whingers.”