Prince Harry’s showbiz baptism is 'upon the world' leaving Kris Jenner proud

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Prince Harry’s showbiz baptism is upon the world leaving Kris Jenner proud
Prince Harry’s showbiz baptism is 'upon the world' leaving Kris Jenner proud

Prince Harry’s conversion to ‘Hollywood-ism’ has somehow managed to make Kris Jenner proud.

Claims like this have been issued by royal commentator Daniela Elser.

She weighed in on everything during one of her pieces for

In this piece she touched on the Duke’s current transformation, ever since joining Meghan Markle in Hollywood.

She even started by saying, “Harry might be the fifth-in-line to the throne but his conversion to Hollywood-ism seems nearly complete.”

“In a Calabasas monstrosity of a mansion right now, a single tear of pride is probably sliding down Kris Jenner’s face.”

Not to mention, any time now “the final step to complete his showbiz baptism could be upon us.”

For those unversed, this is in reference to a rumored invite Meghan Markle was extended to join The Kardashians.

However, it is pertinent to mention that those claims “have about as much weight to them as a Victoria Sponge cake.”

In the eyes of Ms Elser, this change in Prince Harry requires a pause to “take stock.”

Since “here we are, less than four years after Her late Majesty had to learn the US country code to leisurely dial on her trusty Windsor Castle rotary phone and the Sussexes might be about to reach the ultimate precipice.”

After all, the biggest question that arises given the current situation is “are we about to witness two members of the royal family appearing to play chummy with the first family of American consumerism for the sake of their limp careers?”

“If this actually comes to pass, I predict that sales of fainting couches will go through the roof,” she later added before signing off.