SZA heaps praise on Justin Bieber in new interview

SZA gushed over Justin Bieber for appearing in her 'Snooze' music video'

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SZA heaps praise on Justin Bieber in new interview

SZA and Justin Bieber's collaboration is a recipe to deliver a hit. And that's the case with her latest track, Snooze.

During an interview with Wall Street Journal, the Grammy winner opened up about working with the Sorry singer.

"Justin wasn't even in the video until the video was already being shot. Him and Hailey Bieber were randomly the first people to hit me on FaceTime after SOS dropped…[Bieber] showed up, and he was down as ***** for the whole day and didn't trip about nothing."

The 33-year-old also dished on the robots in the video, saying, "The robot had cornrows, but that was my fault. Apparently in a stream of-consciousness talk, I said they should. I probably did say that ****! But when I rolled up and that robot had cornrows, baby, I was fit to be ****** tied."

On the other hand, the sources are spilling the plans of Justin to headline the Super Bowl in the possible future.

The news comes after Usher reportedly asked the Baby crooner to join him onstage for his mega event performance in February. However, he refused.

"Justin is flattered that one of his mentors, Usher wants him to be a part of the Super Bowl, but he is leaning towards letting Usher do his thing and Justin would rather have the opportunity to do the Super Bowl on his own in the future if he were to be asked," the tipster tattled to Daily Mail.

"That is the more sought-after option for Justin when it has anything to do with performing at the event," the insider added.