King Charles is ‘still waiting’ on Prince Harry no matter how hard

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King Charles is ‘still waiting’ on Prince Harry no matter how hard
King Charles is ‘still waiting’ on Prince Harry no matter how hard

Experts are of the firm belief the Duke of Sussex will always keep his door open with Prince Harry despite it being very hard to swallow for Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Former royal correspondent Phil Dampier issued these claims and sentiments.

all of this has been brought to light during his interview with the Daily Mail.

The converastion arose by Mr Dampier referencing the birthday snub and admitted, “The King has always made it clear that his door is always open to his wayward son and I'm sure if he wanted to come over for any celebration he would be welcomed.”

“I'm not saying there wouldn't be a difficult atmosphere, and William and Kate might find it hard to swallow.”

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“But Charles has always made it clear that long term he wants a reconciliation to the benefit of all concerned,” he also said.

“That's the way his mother the late Queen would have approached it and he is doing the same.”

But Mr Dampier did make it clear that “It's not true to say the visit by the King and Queen to Kenya didn't go well, on the contrary it was extremely successful and the hosts graciously accepted his expressions of regret for Britain's colonial past.”

“The idea this story about the party is a distraction is just rubbish as they would be happy to highlight the tour and indeed William's trip to Singapore for his Earthshot Prize.”

“If Harry wanted to mend bridges with his father and brother he could have done so when came over to Europe for the Invictus Games a few weeks ago but he didn't make the time to see them.”

Before concluding he also added, “The ball is very much in his court and to say otherwise is ludicrous.”