How Matthew Perry made good use of 'Friends' $1 million deal

Matthew earned the money, along with his other 'Friends' co-stars after they made a deal with NBC

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How Matthew Perry made good use of Friends $1 million deal
How Matthew Perry made good use of 'Friends' $1 million deal

Matthew Perry took out a huge chunk of money from the million dollar he broke, while shooting 'Friends,' for a special purpose.

Michael J Fox claimed that Matthew Perry donated a generous amount of money to a Parkinson's disease charity which he founded in 2000.

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The 62-year-old actor, who himself was diagnosed with the illness in 1991, told Entertainment Tonight about that the late comedic actor made the donation when he needed it the most.

“When they first had their big sale, whatever they did, and the Friends cast ended up becoming millionaires for the rest of their lives; he wrote a big fat check to the foundation,” he claimed.

Michael recalls being flattered by Matthew’s gesture and called it a "tremendous vote of confidence" because the charity was newly founded.

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The act of kindness came after the Friends cast agreed that they’d walk away from NBC if they aren’t compensated equally. Consequently, they all brokered a deal of $1 million per episode.

The Back to The Future actor’s moving confession comes after Matthew died on October 28, 2023 in his LA home.