Prince Harry is risking any possible future invitations

Prince Harry warned he may never again receive any invitations to future events

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Prince Harry is risking any possible future invitations

Prince Harry’s alleged bid to leak details of his chat with King Charles has sparked widespread debate about the future of any invitations yet to come.

This has been said by royal commentator and expert Richard Eden.

He weighed in on everything during one of his pieces for the latest edition of the Palace Confidential newsletter.

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He began by highlighting the fear of having converastion leaked and linked that to Prince Harry’s report about ringing his father.

Questions about BBC’s sources for this bit of news have been brought to light as well, with many wonderings how the outlet became privy to something that was yet to happen.

For those unversed, this call is in relation to King Charles’ birthday.

Mr Eden responded to that possibility by saying, “The fact that details of a private conversation were published so quickly might serve as a warning ahead of any possible future invitations.”

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In light of that he also went on to add, “While it’s a good thing if the King’s relationship with his son is improving, it’s clear that Harry and Meghan are not welcome at family events.”