Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Jon Hamm makes jaws drop in 'Fargo' with one bizarre feature

'Fargo' season 5 sees Jon Hamm's character wear fake pierced nipples that left the internet in splits

Jon Hamm makes jaws drop in Fargo with one bizarre feature
Jon Hamm makes jaws drop in 'Fargo' with one bizarre feature

FX's much-awaited Fargo trailer for season 5 is here, and the internet went into overdrive after witnessing Jon Hamm's two pierced nipples in the clip.

However, the Mad Men star opted out to go full Method on the unique character trait instead; he shared the much-talked body jewelry that was actually artificially adorned areolas.

For that, the 52-year-old heaped praise on the nippleologist for his work, "I had to have some very blue latex put on my nipples, and then they cast a resoundingly lifelike pair of nipples, which they then pierced and placed over my own nipples, and we shot said nipples."

Adding, "The crew doesn't get enough credit, but there was a dedicated nippleologist."

In another instance, the Emmy winner told Business Insider, "You really haven't lived until you've had a makeup artist do a casting of your nipples," he continued. 

"That is definitely a bucket list item that I can say I've crossed off my list."

Notably, Jon credited showrunner Noah Hawley for the ingenious, though hilarious idea.

"It's a specific choice that Noah made for the character that I've leaned into and thought was very creative and interesting," the actor said. 

"I was happy to be able to be on board with that choice. I think it's an interesting, unexpected little 'Fargo'-esque twist."

Meanwhile, the creator Noah Hawley also chimed in on the pierced nipples, saying, "We all live in Tiger King America."

In Fargo's new season, Jon slips into a North Dakota sheriff character, who is also a preacher and rancher named Roy Tillman.