Netflix ‘Wednesday’ Season 2 gets bold changes by Jenna Ortega

Jenna Ortega, who played the iconic role of Wednesday, has taken on production duties for the Netflix show

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Netflix ‘Wednesday’ Season 2 gets bold changes by Jenna Ortega
Netflix ‘Wednesday’ Season 2 gets bold changes by Jenna Ortega

Despite Wednesday season 2 being far from its premiere date, the hit Netflix show will be witnessing significant alterations in its storyline.

Starring Jenna Ortega as the iconic Wednesday, the show will depict a more gloomy version of the Addams Family as their goth daughter will be getting a new murder mystery amid the dilemma of her teenage years.

The finale of season 1 ended with Wednesday receiving a text on her phone, gifted by Xavier (Percy Hynes White), which includes pictures of herself taken from afar alongwith a GIF. 

Foreshadowing the introduction of a new stalker, Screen Rant reports that it already set the stage for a sophomore semester that maintains the spirit of Tim Burton’s production.

Jenna, who plays Wednesday, will also be taking on producing duties for the second installation to provide more creative input. In an interview with Variety, the 20-year-old actress revealed that the coming-of-age tale will delve deeper into horror elements without losing its sense of humor.

Moreover, she expressed relief over the idea of Wednesday ditching romantic love interests to avoid the cliche storyline of a love triangle. The new season will also be navigating the plot of Addams Family’s iconic mansion.