Prince Harry branded the ultimate self-destructive royal amid Christmas fiasco

Prince Harry has just come under fire for becoming the ultimate self-destructive royal

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Prince Harry has just been reduced to being the ultimate self-destructive royal.

Royal commentator and author Sarah Vine issued these accusations.

Everything against the Duke has been brought to light in her piece for the Daily Mail.

The conversation began when Ms Vine said, “Of course, in some cases the Royals bring it on themselves by spilling the beans: Princess Diana collaborated with Morton on Diana: Her True Story, and gave that interview to Martin Bashir, although it turned out to have been obtained by false pretences.”

“But in many ways Diana can be forgiven. She was so young and naive when she married Prince Charles and had very little support or preparation for the role. Her indiscretions were cries for help, not attempts to wound.”

“Prince Harry is different” Ms Vine added in the middle of her piece.

Because “he has sadly turned out to be the ultimate self-destructive Royal.”

“That Oprah interview, the Netflix documentary, his autobiography, which was one big basket of dirty Royal laundry sold to the highest bidder."