Meghan Markle will use 'gold press card' to release 'racist royal' name

Meghan Markle wants to release the name of the racist royals who spoke about Archie

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Meghan Markle will use gold press card to release racist royal name
Meghan Markle will use 'gold press card' to release 'racist royal' name

Meghan Markle will seemingly wait for the right moment before she reveals the name of the 'racist royals' who commented upon Archie's skin colour.

PR expert Matt Yanofsky tells The Mirror that the Duchess of Sussex will wait until the exact moment when she talks about the family member who pushed her to leave UK.

Mr Yanofsky said: "I would suspect she doesn't comment, so she can keep teasing/keep the audience of Royal news guessing. This is her golden press card to play, and she's going to hold the card till she needs to play it."

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He added: "If she's smart, she'll hold off on naming names until she is drying up with press coverage. Love or hate Meghan, she's very smart with press."

This comes as Scobie talked about the unjust comments made on Meghan's first baby.

He told the hosts: "Listen, there are many people that argued it's normal to have conversations about what a child might look like at birth. I think the problematic term that Meghan raised were that there were 'concerns' over the colour of Archie's skin and I always wondered why Harry and Meghan didn't continue that conversation in the Netflix series and Harry's book Spare.

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"It's like it disappeared out of sight and I wanted to get to the bottom of that, so to discover more about these letters that had been exchanged between Meghan and Charles after that Oprah interview," he said.