Thursday, November 30, 2023

Critics love 'Wonka': 'Visually delightful'

'Wonka' impresses critics as they penned glowing first reactions

Critics love Wonka: Visually delightful
Critics love 'Wonka': 'Visually delightful'

Timothée Chalamet's Wonka is collecting praise from the critics as they gushed over Charlie and the Chocolate Factory's prequel delightful tone.

"#Wonka/ #WonkaMovie is a winning confection, filled with perfect amounts of charm, whimsy & poignancy, powered by pure imagination & bright, nimble musical numbers," reviewed Courtney Howard.

For Gizmodo, Germain Lussier shared the Dune star "alone is reason to see the film," noting, "He's infinitely charming and a blast to watch."

But the writer pointed out, "The movie around him isn't as good, but it's enjoyable. The story & tone fight against each other, leaving it a bit muddled. And yet it's filled with joy & the songs are delightful."

Variety's writer Jazz Tangcay called the movie "visually delightful," he continued. "Shout out to [production designer] Nathan Crowley, his world building is fantastical in every way."

Helmed by Paul King, Wonka will focus on the chocolate maker's origin story, where he fought the chocolate barons to build his chocolate empire.

Wonka will hit the cinemas on December 15.