Friday, December 01, 2023

Omid Scobie vows on his life he DID NOT include names of Royal racists in ‘Endgame’

Omid Scobie refuses to apologise to Royal family over allegations of leaking royal racists' names in 'Endgame'

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Omid Scobie vowed on his and his family’s life he did not include names of royals who had concerns over Prince Archie’s skin colour in his hotly released book, Endgame.

The royal author even refused to apologise for leaking the name of two senior working royals as he insisted that the English version of the book that he “signed off” did not have them.

In an interview with BBC, Scobie, who is a close friend of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, claimed he was as shocked to learn about the leaked names as everyone else was.

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Scobie said he does not have any idea how the Dutch version of his book have the names of the royals racists despite translators insisting the monikers were mentioned in the manuscript they were sent.

When asked if he would apologise to the Royal family, Scobie said, “It's not for me to apologise because I still want to know what's happened.”

He went on to add that the book he was “extremely proud of” has been “completely overshadowed by an event that's caused me a lot of frustration.”

The Finding Freedom author was then asked if he could “hand on heart” it was not a stunt to increase his book sales, to which he replied, “On my life, on my family's life.”

“There are irresponsible people in this country that have broken the law and repeated names that should never have been repeated,” Scobie continued.

“The book I wrote, the book I edited, the book I signed off on, did not have names in it. I'm as frustrated as everyone else.

“So I'm looking forward to finding out more about it because the English version of the book - the only one I know - the version I signed off on, that's the book that is out there today, that's the book that has no names in it.

“I make it very clear, because ultimately to write the names it's a show and tell situation, there's no ability to show so there was never an attempt to name.”