Prince Harry hopes of reconciliation with Royal family dashed after ‘Endgame’

Prince Harry advised to forget about reconciling with the Royal family for some time

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Prince Harry has been advised to let go of his wish to reconnect with the Royal family now that his friend Omid Scobie has rehashed old wounds with his book, Endgame.

According to The Express, despite Scobie’s explosive book which aims at the Royal family, King Charles is still hoping to see Harry, the Duke of Sussex, if he wishes to travel to UK.

Before the release of Endgame, there were rumours that Charles has sent an invitation to Harry and Meghan Markle to spend Christmas with the Royal family.

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However, PR strategist Laura Perkes has advised Harry to "let go" of any hopes for a reconciliation, while speaking on the matter with Daily Mirror.

"In any kind of feud or relationship breakdown, there comes a point where you have to accept the fact that what you want may not ever become a reality," she said.

"It feels like Harry has finally accepted that fighting for what he wants isn't getting him any closer to a resolution, therefore he needs to let it go and learn to move forward," she added.

The expert continued, "Time is a great healer, so it may be that he needs to let the dust settle and focus on other aspects of his life.

"Over time, reconciliation may happen, once all parties involved are ready to do so, but the relationship will never be the same again, and that's something he needs to live with."