BTS’ Suga, RM open up on BTS’ lows and wanting to ‘run away’

BTS’ Suga and RM are getting candid about how working hard has taken a toll on them in BTS documentary 'BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star '

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K-pop juggernauts BTS are preparing to embark on mandatory military service over the next year. But first, the group is providing fans with a special documentary series with members getting candid about their struggles. 

BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star will premiere on Disney+ on December 20th, offering viewers an insider look at the band's journey.

Spanning eight episodes, the series promises to share intimate behind-the-scenes moments. The trailer gives a glimpse into the hard work and challenges they faced as trainees.

Member Suga humorously admits he once considered running away, showing their sincerity.

"I was going to run away, for real," he joked, while RM shared, "We worked our tails off, life was difficult."

However, it also highlights their joy at sold-out stadium performances and award wins.

The docuseries aims to provide an unfiltered portrayal of the daily struggles they overcame on the path to global fame. It captures their reactions to canceled shows during the pandemic's uncertainty.

Fans will witness the trials they faced and their bond that helped them persevere.

As the documentary is about to drop, members RM, Jimin, Jungkook, and V are expected to enlist for their mandatory military service. This will begin a hiatus of BTS musical journey which is expected to end in 2025.