Monday, December 11, 2023

Ramy Youssef gushes over Emma Stone in ‘Poor Things'

Emma Stone gets sweet comments from her costar Ramy Youssef while filming for ‘Poor Things’

Ramy Youssef gushes over Emma Stone in ‘Poor Things’
Ramy Youssef gushes over Emma Stone in ‘Poor Things’

In Poor Things, Emma Stone and Ramy Youssef were costars. During his on-set experience, the latter revealed that working with the Oscar winner was fun.

In a chat with Letterboxd, the Mr. Robot actor opened up about the experience: “felt like you were just in this fun house.”

He continued, “It was… the whole thing was like this epic field trip.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Ramy revealed his father was not overall impressed by his director, Yorgos Lanthimos, who helmed The Killing of the Sacred Deer.

“He’s just like, ‘Huh,’ you know — like my dad was just talking about the lighting a lot. He was like, ‘Good lighting,’ ‘natural lighting,’ you know?” he remembered.

Meanwhile, talking about the 2017 psychological thriller, the 32-year-old shared, “I was just really fascinated by the way that he can kind of reframe what relationships look like on screen."

He continued, He brings that subconscious hum that a dynamic might have between two people into the forefront."

Adding, “And sometimes things just feel really uncomfortable or feel really odd.”

The Killing of the Sacred Deer follows a cardiac surgeon named Steven Murphy. He has a family comprising a wife and two children. But, they somehow became sick after they met the doctor's patient's son, who expired on his operating table.