King Charles needs to ‘bury and forget' Prince Andrew

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King Charles has just been urged to bury and forget Prince Andrew because his reputation has tanked.

All of this has been brought to light by royal commentator Phil Dampier.

He weighed in on all of this and has been shared in his chats with MailOnline.

During this conversation, he said that the Epstein files could be renamed as the “final nail” in Prince Andrew’s coffin at this point.

The reason is that his reputation is irrevocably sullied and the outlet believes not even Prince William will let him return to the royal fold now.

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Mr Dampier was also quoted saying, “The big danger for him is that another woman could make specific allegations against him and want a day in court or a payoff as well.

similar sentiments are shared by royal biographer Tom Bower who believes King Charles needs to officially “bury and forget” his brother because he’s in “self-denial” about his associations.

“It's a danger for the Palace, they don't know what more bombs will be dropped. He's not telling them.”