Meghan Markle pushed to Royal duties: 'Cannot be blamed'

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Meghan Markle pushed to Royal duties: Cannot be blamed

Prince Harry has been accused of pushing Meghan Markle into Royal duties when she did not want to.

The Duke of Sussex, who married the former ‘Suits’ actress into the monarchy, did not well prepared his new bride.

Royal author Esther Krakue tells Sky News Australia: "The reason why these claims have come up is because the King and Princess Kate are out of action. It really calls into question how Meghan could have picked up some of the slack if she was still a working royal.

"The reality is she was not necessarily the best suited to life in the royal family, and I don't blame her for that. I don't think she was well prepared for the role she would undertake and by extension whether she would even have wanted to take that role.

"One of the advantages that Kate had was that she was with William for almost a decade before they got married and she assumed the roles she had. Harry effectively shoehorned Meghan into the institution.

She added: "And it wasn't a matter of him marrying her and they were creating a life together. He married her with the intention of also having her as a working royal. He could have married her and stepped back, but he didn't.