Prince Harry arrived in UK ‘without' invitation, only allowed ‘12 minutes' with Charles

Prince Harry travelled to UK without informing the Palace and could not spend more time with King Charles

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Prince Harry was only allowed to see King Charles for “12 minutes” after he landed in the UK without formal invitation from the Palace.

While multiple outlets have revealed that the meeting between Harry and Charles lasted for “45 minutes,” an expert has made shocking revelations.

Speaking with GB News, royal commentator Lady Colin Campbell questioned Harry, the Duke of Sussex’s motives behind his short UK visit.

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She asked if the Duke wanted to meet his ailing father or was the entire trip made just so he has more material for his next Netflix series.

“My understanding is actually the meeting lasted exactly 12 minutes,” she said. “Not 30 minutes or 45 minutes and Harry took it upon himself, without an invitation, to get on a plane, fly over and inform the King’s office that he was arriving.”

“One could actually wonder who was the visit for? Was it for Harry? Was it the King? Or was it for Netflix or was it a combination of all three?”

However, Palace sources told The Express that Harry’s reunion with his father, who was recently diagnosed of a “form of cancer,” was a “cause for optimism.”