Saturday, February 10, 2024

Prince Harry officially has no ‘mates' left after UK debacle

Prince Harry’s lack of any strong pals has just been highlighted by experts

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Prince Harry appears to have only one pal left in the UK, and expertshave just issued a warning following his brief visit to the UK.

All of this has been shared by royal commentator and expert Phil Dampier.

He weighed in on everything while speaking to Fabulous and in that chat, he addressed Prince Harry’s short visit to King Charles.

In the eyes of Mr Dampier, “It does seem odd that Harry likes flying in and out for less than two days. He did the same with the Coronation and it looks as though he is just not interested in seeing any of his old friends.”

“He has become Harry No Mates as far as the UK is concerned,” the expert also noted before adding that “The one friend he still has in the UK who could help build bridges is Mark Dyer, who was a royal equerry and acted as a second dad to Harry and William after Diana’s death.”

“But if he did see him on this trip it can’t have been for long. I suspect Harry just crashed out for the night where he was staying and it seems he couldn’t get back to Meghan quickly enough.”

“He clearly regards this country as his past and really has begun a new life.” One reason behind it, according to Mr Dampier is the fat that his pals “didn’t take to Meghan and he resented it.”

However, at the same time there are also some stateside friendships that have shockingly been “flourishing”.