Friday, February 09, 2024

Prince Harry's actions leave Charles 'agitated' as he seeks front page spotlight

Prince Harry motives behind meeting King Charles exposed by royal experts following his departure

Prince Harrys actions leave Charles agitated as he seeks front page spotlight
Prince Harry's actions leave Charles 'agitated' as he seeks front page spotlight

Prince Harry chose to make “drama” by getting “front page” instead of spending more time with his father, King Charles, amid his potentially serious condition.

The Duke of Sussex only saw Charles for “45-minutes,” – some experts claim the duration was not more than “12-minutes,” – and left for US just 12 hours after his arrival.

Dragging Harry over his attention seeking visit to the UK, Angela Levin told GB News, "Harry's behaviour is beyond imagination.”

"If someone in your family or your father is ill you try and make it something they would want,” she added. “You say 'I would love to come and see you. I'm sorry things have been so bad. Can we please talk and spend some time together? Where are you going to be in London, Sandringham? I would love to come, tell me when it suits you.'”

The expert continued: "Instead, he just said he was on his way, making a drama, to get to the front page, which he did, and it made the king agitated.”

"The King had the helicopter waiting to take him to Sandringham and he needed peace and quiet as anyone might when they've had such a difficult time."

As for William, she said he was “incredibly dignified," adding, "He is the sort of heir to the throne that any country would want to see in my view.”

"He doesn’t go hysterical and make a drama of it like his brother and I think also he didn’t want the people there to feel that they had to be very miserable and low, just as he probably feels in reality that they could."