Saturday, February 10, 2024

Prince Harry should no longer hope for any trust from Prince William

An expert has just recounted Prince Harry’s UK trip for King Charles as well as Prince William radio silence

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Prince William’s reluctance in talking to Prince Harry during his time in the UK has just been recounted by an expert.

All of these thoughts have been shared by royal commentator Maureen Callahan.

She touched on everything in a candid piece by the Daily Mail.

“Why would William risk a conversation?” the expert began by noting while highlighting the Waleses’ desire for privacy.

After all, “The one piece of information that William and Kate want to keep private — the exact status of her health and recovery — is the very thing the Sussexes, if history is any guide, might leak.”

Ms Callahan also went on to recount every instance where the Sussexes leaked similar information and said, “Recall Meghan cruelly reminding the world, during the Oprah sit-down, of the ‘Waity Katie’ nickname.”

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As well as “Harry writing of Kate’s refusal to share her lip gloss with Meghan and reprinting a tense text exchange between the women over bridesmaids’ dresses. That Kate made Meghan cry!”

But the “most gravely” is the fact that “the gruesome twosome” are seemingly “doing nothing to stop their groupie Omid Scobie’s revelation that the so-called ‘royal racists’ were Charles and Kate — as printed in a foreign edition of Scobie’s book ‘Endgame’, released late last November.”

so, in the eyes of Ms Callahan, “Truly: Who in the royal fold would trust these two?”

All of this has come around the same time as revelations about two more memoirs, one being a potential second installment by the Duke, and then one by his wife Meghan.