Saturday, February 10, 2024

Prince Harry's learning a ‘hard lessons' learnt by toddlers

Experts believe Prince Harry is only now understanding the pain he’s caused the world

Prince Harrys learning a ‘hard lessons learnt by toddlers
Prince Harry's learning a ‘hard lessons' learnt by toddlers

Prince Harry has just been called out for having to lay in the bed he’s made since moving to the US.

All of this has been issued by royal commentator and expert Maureen Callahan.

She weighed in on everything in a piece for the Daily Mail, and touched on the Duke’s hard done status, following the diagnosis of his father King Charles.

In the eyes of Ms Callahan, Prince Harry is seemingly facing a lonely time, especially with his “His estranged brother, his only sibling, tending to his recovering wife and their three children, no invitation extended — presumably not a phone call or even a text message.”

On the other hand, if not simultaneously “All of Harry’s old friends, either cut off or fallen away.”

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Effectively there is “no one to see, to commiserate with, to meet at the pub for a pint and a cry” so “of course, Harry had no other option but to turn around and go home,” Ms Callahan added.

With all that, Ms Callahan also drove the point home a second time and said, “It seems our desolate duke is learning the hardest of lessons, one most of us learn as toddlers: Actions have consequences.”

This comes after experts began to note how the royal “sold out his family’s secrets,” as well as “slandered them for years through Oprah Winfrey and Netflix and a self-pitying memoir”.

Not to mention making Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth’s final years “a misery”.