Sunday, February 11, 2024

‘Percy Jackson' actors dish on ‘dream cast' for season 2

‘Percy Jackson’ break silence on their ‘dream cast’ for season 2 of the show

‘Percy Jackson actors dish on ‘dream cast for season 2
‘Percy Jackson' actors dish on ‘dream cast' for season 2

Percy Jackson actors have just shed some light into who they dream working alongside on the demi-god’s show.

The three members of the main cast line up weighed in on everything just this Saturday at the Television Critics Association panel.

The trio are famous for their portrayal of Olympians and have recently shed light into who they dream of working alongside on the show.

They began by naming names and the first on their dream cast list was Zendaya, as well as Sam Claflin and even Christopher Judge.

Scobell was the first to weigh in and was quoted saying, “We all talk about this all the time.”

was watching The Hunger Games recently and I thought Sam Claflin would be a cool Apollo.”

After that Jeffries chimed in with his two cents and name-dropped another actor by saying, Zendaya as Athena,"

At the panel their executive producer, Jonathan E. Steinberg, also promised a titbit about the second season and left fans with a little nugget of potential plotlines when he said, “We are definitely going to see more Olympians I think part of the show is exploring that family.”