Sunday, February 11, 2024

David Kauffman weighs in on live-action ‘Danny Phantom' cast

In an interview with TMZ, David Kauffman shares his preferred casting for a live-action remake of the hit series ‘Danny Phantom’

David Kauffman weighs in on live-action ‘Danny Phantom’ cast
David Kauffman weighs in on live-action ‘Danny Phantom’ cast

What started as a mere concept by the creator of the popular show is now gaining approval and support from a fellow cast.

Apparently, David Kaufmann who voiced the well-known character of Danny Phantom is set to pass the torch to Tom Holland in a live-action remake.

Butch Hartman, creator of the fantasy action series Danny Phantom recently shared an idea at MegaCon Orlando about a live-action remake of the beloved cartoon series and choosing none other than the Spider-Man acclaimed Tom Holland to play the main lead.

Now, David Kauffman has jumped into the conversation to share his thoughts on the remake. While talking to TMZ, he expressed his fondness for Tom Holland approving him as Danny, although he believes that the Spiderman alum might be done with superheroes for a while.

Appreciating Holland’s next step in the West End Production of Romeo & Juliet, he also weighed in on the subject with his own casting calls.

Kauffman came up with the idea of Noah Schnapp (Stranger Things) portraying the role of Danny and Billie Eilish as his friend-turned-love Samantha Manson.

For those unversed, Danny Phantom is a supernatural cartoon series about a 14 year old boy who, after meddling in his parent’s ghost-hunting laboratory, is accidentally turned into a half-ghost half-human superhero. 

From that point on he begins juggling highschool life as well as his ghost hunting duties.

Although there has been no official news for this big budget production, the creator and Kauffman’s opinions on the show have garnered widespread support from the audience eager for their childhood show to hit the screens again.