Monday, February 12, 2024

Why Travis Kelce decided against proposing to Taylor Swift for marriage?

Travis Kelce was reported to pop the question to Taylor Swift after Super Bowl with

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Travis Kelce decided against proposing to Taylor Swift for marriage after the Kansas City Chiefs won the 2024 Super Bowl LVIII.

According to The Mirror, the Swifties were disappointed after they did not get to witness a public proposal from the NFL star.

However, a body language expert, after analyzing Kelce and the popstar lip lock video from Sunday’s match, claimed that the athlete Refrained from proposing to Swift to keep the focus on Chiefs' victory

Speaking with the publication, Judi James said, "If anyone was disappointed that Travis didn’t actually propose at the Super Bowl they shouldn’t be.”

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“A huge public proposal would have looked too brand-compliant, plus both Travis and Taylor needed to enjoy their individual moments of global victory and career fulfilment after her award and his win without adding to the mix and combining too many memories,” she explained.

"What these two did do though was to display the intensity of their love in public for the first time via their body language signals, as well as their compatibility as a couple,” she continued.

“Taylor was always going to fan-girl Travis with one of her encircling hugs but previously she has then very maturely stood back to allow him to dominate the spotlight after a win.”

The expert added, “Here though their clinging rituals and his constant need to nuzzle her seems to show she’s the place and the person he instinctively wants to dock in with when he’s at the peak of his elation and celebration."