Prince Harry warned only a ‘massive, tectonic shift' can return royal role

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Prince Harry has just been called out by experts for seemingly thinking his royal role could ever return without “massive, tectonic shifts.”

All of this has been brought to light by royal commentator Maureen Callahan.

She began the conversation by highlighting the possibility of a tentative offer by King Charles, to Prince Harry.

She referenced it by saying, “Could this possibly be true, after all that has been said and done? Other sources say it's out of the question.”

Because “either way, one thing seems newly possible: Harry may really want to return in some capacity.”

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She also posed a question and said, “Would Charles soften here? Would he risk opening this aperture?”

“If so, it would represents a massive, tectonic shift in the Windsor dynamics”.

Because it would mean “Charles embracing Harry and vice versa; Prince William still furious and unyielding; and Meghan… well, Meghan is largely unmentioned.”

All in all “A welcome from the Palace would be all the more shocking given the events of last week: Harry rushing, reportedly unbidden, from California to the UK to see Charles, who had just been diagnosed with cancer,” she also added before signing off.