King Charles shatters Prince William's hopes of becoming a King in his lifetime

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King Charles shattered his son Prince William’s hopes of becoming the King sooner by showing the world he is still “very much” in charge and would not abdicate easily.

The monarch met the Prime Minister of United Kingdon, Rishi Runak, just weeks after the Palace shocked the world the news of his cancer diagnosis.

Since then, several reports have claimed that Prince William would be ascended to the throne sooner than expected as Charles cannot carry out Royal duties anymore.

A report by In Touch Weekly even claimed that William, the Prince of Wales, has already started planning his own coronation ceremony.

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The insider said that William has already “taken more control at the palace, staying in constant contact with Charles’ aides,” adding, “He’s basically the Firm’s point man right now.”

However, a body language expert, after analyzing the meeting between Charles and Rishi Sunak, has claimed that the monarch is able to continue his duties despite his battle with cancer.

Judi James told The Mirror, "The long, firm handshake with his PM plus the way he lowered himself into his chair with perfect balance and both hands on his knees rather than steadying himself on the arms of the chair suggested the King is keen to be seen as eager and able to continue with his duties since his cancer diagnosis, while his active gesticulation as he sat and chatted to Rishi suggested a man still very much in charge."