Kate Middleton's eating disorder sparked abdominal surgery?

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Kate Middleton’s eating disorder sparked abdominal surgery?
Kate Middleton’s eating disorder sparked abdominal surgery?

Insiders have just broken their silence over rumors that Kate Middleton’s abdominal surgery was due to an underlying eating disorder.

Everything about it has been brought to light during the insider’s chat with In Touch Weekly.

There the well-placed palace source broke down how ‘angry’ and frustrated Prince William became after learning of this rumor.

This is especially true considering the late Princess Diana herself struggled from an eating disorder as well.

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Referencing it all the source said, “William gets angry when people say Kate has an eating disorder.”

Before signing off they also doubled down and said, “Of course, it worries him that people think that, but it’s also a sensitive topic given what his mother went through.”

For those unversed Princess Diana was, at one time, very open about her health woes, and admitted that she used to purge the food eat ate, in light of her bulimia.