Kanye West 'will not' get Taylor Swift's attention despite stunts

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Kanye West 'will not' get Taylor Swift's attention despite stunts

It is safe to say Taylor Swift is on the top of the world and her attention toward Kanye West after he name-dropped her in his album would be the last thing on her mind, according to an insider.

“[Taylor] has so much on her plate and isn’t concerned with what Kanye is or isn’t doing,” referring to Ye's mentioning of the Carolina hitmaker in Carnival song. “She has no plans on responding publicly or privately.”

“From Taylor’s point of view, this beef is one-sided,” the bird chirped to Us Weekly.

“Kanye is trying to get back in the spotlight and an easy way to do that is through Taylor, who has completely moved on.”

Taylor previously addressed the bad blood with the Chicago rapper after he interrupted her 2009 MTV VMA acceptance speech.

“I think a lot of people expected me to write a song about [West]. But, for me, it was important to write a song to him."

She told The New York Magazine, "It doesn’t really add anything good if I start victimizing myself and complaining about things. Because I’m proud of that performance at the VMAs last year, where my fans helped me get through it.”