Prince William loses major title amid King Charles abdication rumours

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Prince William has lost a major title to a lesser-known Asian Prince despite belonging to one of the most powerful Royal families in the world.

According to GB News, the Prince Abdul Mateen of Brunei has beaten the Prince of Wales to secure the “top royal in the world” title.

William, the Prince of Wales, also lost to his own brother, Prince Harry, as the most “attractive” royal in Google searches. The Duke of Sussex has gotten 107,920 clicks in the category, as per the publication.

The outlet revealed that William comes second to Prince Abdul Mateen of Brunei in the list of “top royals in the world” followed by Prince Harry.

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The results were gathered by a team at Slingo, the publication claimed, who collected data on six variables: gender, nationality, wealth, Google search popularity, most appealing royal in Google searches, and royal rank out of 10.

As per their finding, Prince Mateen led with a score of 8.95 out of 10 across all factors, closely trailed by the Prince of Wales at 8.92.

It is pertinent to note that Prince Abdul Mateen has a net worth of £3.9 billion, which makes him one of the top ten wealthiest royals.

Whereas, Prince William ranks 35th with a net worth of £79 million.

This comes amid rumours that King Charles would be forced to abdicate his throne in favour of William as he needs rest to focus on his recovery after cancer diagnosis.