Prince Harry's belief that ‘rules don't apply to him' could cost US visa

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Prince Harrys US visa case is giving him and Meghan Markle sleepless nights
Prince Harry's US visa case is giving him and Meghan Markle 'sleepless nights'

Prince Harry's visa application could be made public soon, which is said to be worrying him and wife Meghan Markle.

The Heritage Foundation has demanded Harry’s US Visa application to be made public to see if he ticked “yes'' or “no" to the question about drug use. Applicants are supposed to be honest and tick “yes” even if they’ve used drugs in the past.

Prince Harry revealed his drug abuse in his 2023 memoir Spare, leading the foundation to claim that he gave up his right to privacy by doing so.

Per royal expert Tom Quinn, this must be giving the Sussexes sleepless nights. “Harry could be in big trouble with this Visa issue,” he told the Daily Express US.

He added: “He is so used to living in a world where the normal rules don’t apply to him because he’s a member of the royal family, that it would not have occurred to him when he wrote his book that the revelations about drug-taking could have any implication for his status in the United States.”

“We are not going to know until the judge makes some kind of a decision, but Harry and Meghan will be having sleepless nights over this.”

Quinn also assumed that the Duke of Sussex must be “assuming that it was all so long ago that it is irrelevant except from a historical point of view.”

He then warned that since “it is a matter of serious public interest,” it’s very likely that the “publication of his original Visa application is allowed, especially if it shows that Harry did not tick the box saying he had in the past taken drugs."