Prince William at ‘daggers drawn' with ‘unstable' Prince Harry

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Prince William is opposed to letting his glamorous brother Prince Harry return to the Firm
Prince William is opposed to letting his 'glamorous' brother Prince Harry return to the Firm

Prince William is said to be the biggest block in Prince Harry’s way back to royal duties, even in a temporary role.

It was recently reported that the Duke of Sussex is open to resuming royal duties in a temporary role as King Charles goes through cancer treatment.

However, the palace and the Prince of Wales blocked his return with swift decisions.

Royal expert Tom Quinn says a close pal of the king claims that “even if the king wanted to accept Harry's offer – which he does not - he is not going to do it because William is appalled at the idea.”

“‘To say that Harry and William are not on speaking terms is to underestimate the difficulty - daggers drawn would be a better description’," said the King’s friend, per The Mirror.

Quinn explained: "William has advised his father not to allow Harry back – partly because he finds his brother so difficult but mainly because Harry has broken the royal code of silence so often in the past. Royal trouble makers – and that's how Harry is seen by William and to some extent also by Charles – have traditionally been kept at arms’ length by the family."

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He added that the Prince of Wales is “fixed on” living by the “never-explain-never-complain rule of his grandmother,” and “does not want a glamorous, unstable brother around even temporarily – a brother who might at any time fly off the handle and write Spare II."