Meghan Markle 'interesting' mindset changed game for Royal Family?

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Meghan Markle interesting mindset changed game for Royal Family?

Meghan Markle wanted out of the Royal Family ever since she joined Prince Harry after 2018 wedding.

The Duchess of Sussex, who brought a breath of fresh air to the family, always wanted to ‘play victim.’

Royal expert Valentine Low tells The Sun's Royal Exclusive show: "She'd been well-briefed and was perfectly happy to spout her brief on air about what the future might be for her. She did some very interesting things.”

He added that her mind "brought a lot of energy and a fresh approach to the whole royal thing".

He then said: "But I also know that for all the great potential she showed, if you talk to people on the inside they believe rightly or wrongly that she was constantly casting herself as a victim."