Florence Pugh breaks silence about upcoming romance film

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Florence Pugh breaks silence about upcoming romance film
Florence Pugh breaks silence about upcoming romance film

Midsommer actress, Florence Pugh get candid about her upcoming romantic movie We Live in Time and heaps praise for co-star Andrew Garfield.

At the Dune: Part 2 New York premier, the actress spoke to Entertainment Tnight to share an update about the movie, she shared, “Oh my god, I'm excited about that movie. That one, we just had the most beautiful time making it — we made a real story about real people and I got to work with the most unbelievable actor I feel so honoured to be in his presence and shout lines back to him.”

Pugh also reflected on the film production and shared that she was “still in love with the process of making the movie” and hoped that movie buffs could appreciate the film too.

Regardless, details about the movie’s plot are being kept under wraps. But it was promoted as a “funny, deeply moving and immersive love story" when the movie was announced back in March 2023.

When asked about the release date or details about the trailer, Pugh noted that she is unaware but hinted that it will premier ‘soon’.

For those unversed, the romantic comedy We Live in Time was announced a week after Andrew Garfield and Florence Pugh shared the Oscar stage at 2023 to present the award for Best Original Screenplay.

Although, the movie­'s details are confidential, Brooklyn's John Crowley directs it, British scre­enwriter Nick Payne wrote­ it and StudioCanal, SunnyMarch, and FIlm4 are in the production team.