Ben Affleck on Jennifer Lopez's need for attention: ‘I don't think there's enough followers'

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Ben Affleck has opened up on Jennifer Lopez’s childhood’s impact on her personality, saying she was “emotionally neglected as a child.”

Jennifer recently released her new documentary The Greatest Love Story Never Told on Amazon Prime. The documentary sees Ben get candid in a confessional.

The Batman Vs Superman star explained: "Jen felt emotionally neglected as a child. We are kind of learning more and more, it doesn't have to be like the kind of trauma where you're, you know, locked in a basement for a year to leave wounds on you.”

"In fact they're deceptive when they're harder to pin down. It's a hard thing to look at somebody whose professional life is wildly successful, and who, you know, on Instagram, looks like they're living the happiest life in the world," he continued.

He then shared a lesson he’s learned with his own struggle with alcohol addiction, saying, "The thing you discover, like you do with... with alcohol, is that there isn't enough alcohol in all the liquor stores in the world to fill up that thing."

"And I think in Jennifer's case, I don't think there's enough followers or-or movies or records or-or any of that stuff to still that part of you," he shared.