Kate Middleton's ‘complications' from abdominal surgery exposed

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Kate Middleton’s ‘complications’ from abdominal surgery exposed
Kate Middleton’s ‘complications’ from abdominal surgery exposed

Experts have just addressed the cold hard truth behind rumors of a medically induced comma.

According to Marca journalist Aurelio Manzano issued these insights and claims about the Princess of Wales.

Manzano began by referencing the secrecy surrounding Kate Middleton’s health woes and said, “There has been a move by the British royal household that is not understood.”

Because “On the one hand they leak that Kate has hired a private secretary, to imply that she is at home doing things, but, on the other hand, we do not see an image.”

All in all “until we see it, speculation will not stop.”

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For those unversed, all these claims have been made shortly after similarly worrying admissions were brought to light by royal expert Concha Calleja.

At the time Calleja left royal fans reeling after revealing, “The operation was serious in itself.”

But “afterwards, there were even more serious complications. And the doctors had to make a very quick decision, which was to induce her into a coma. And that was it. The princess did not go into a coma, she was induced.”