Prince Harry breathes 'energy' as leader with 'unpredictable' mindset

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Prince Harry breathes energy as leader with unpredictable mindset
Prince Harry breathes 'energy' as leader with 'unpredictable' mindset

Prince Harry is branded a 'visionary' who stirs enthusiasm and energy in his team.

The Duke of Sussex, who founded Invictus Games as a source of sports for army veterans ten years ago, is 'unpredictable' in his leadership.

Royal author Valentine Low tells The Sun: "One of the things about Harry is he has no filter. You always saw authentic Harry which was fantastic and he was also unpredictable."

He later added that Harry is "amazing in some ways" and inspires people with his "energy, vision and enthusiasm"

He added: "One of my favourite days of royal reporting was in Jamaica in the tour in 2012 when Harry was on a race track with Usain Bolt and basically cheated and beat in the 50 yard dash." Describing the moment as "unscripted", he joked that it had taken record winning sprinter Usain Bolt "by surprise".

This comes as King Charles' has been diagnosed with cancer and iti s expected that Harry might come back to the UK to help his father in stae affairs.

A source said: "On all practical levels it makes perfect sense for the family to come together to support the King while he's sick. Much has been said on both sides in recent years, but that has never diminished the fundamental bond of blood, and there are now pragmatic aspects to consider, with the King and Kate’s wellbeing paramount in this. The details of the Clarence House meeting and subsequent conversations are private, but the feeling is that this arrangement could work."