Meghan Markle desperately clinging to ‘anything Royal' amid UK return rumours

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Meghan Markle desperately clinging to ‘anything Royal’ amid UK return rumours
Meghan Markle desperately clinging to ‘anything Royal’ amid UK return rumours

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been branded “desperate” for changing their kids, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet’s surnames.

The California-based Royal couple changed their children’s surname from Mountbatten-Windsor to Sussex, making them Archie Sussex and Lilibet Sussex since King Charles's Coronation in May 2023.

Speaking on the matter, Psychiatrist Dr Carole Lieberman said, mainly bashing the Duchess of Sussex over the move, that she is desperately trying to “cling to anything royal.”

"They are getting desperate, ever more desperate,” the expert told GB News. “I think Meghan thought that when they went back to the United States that she and Harry would be very popular.”

She continued: "They made all these plans about charities and so on. And she thought that they'd be able to do this just by carrying over the royal titles that they have and the history that they have and not doing any work as royals."

“They are finding that in fact their popularity has gone down tremendously, so she's desperate now to cling to anything royal,” Lieberman claimed

The expert was then asked if the Duchess of Sussex’s latest move was "pure hypocrisy,” to which she replied, "Her daily plan and goal is she wants to be on the face on everything every day.”

As for Harry, she noted, “and he is sort of an appendage,” adding, "You know what's interesting, I'm sure you've noticed this, how she's always pawing him and he doesn't do that to her.”

“It's like she she needs him, and that's sort of symbolic. She needs the royalty."