King Charles' hope to meet Prince Archie, Princess Lilibet dashed

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King Charles’ hope to finally see his grandkids, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, has been dashed after a royal expert raised suspicions over their visit.

Amid rumours that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would make a grand appearance in London this May to mark the 10th anniversary of his Invictus Games, it is expected they’d bring their kids along.

However, biographer Angela Levin said that the couple is expected to be in UK for only a day and it would be a very long trip for the children.

Discussing how Meghan Markle’s new PR team is rebranding her in positive light, Levin told GB News, "My view is that her previous PR people were always negative, they were told to be victims, make sure people feel sorry for you.”

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"The new one is all for being positive,” she added. “Be with the Royal family, this will help you get more people, that you are very important and I think that's what it's all about.”

“I don't think it comes from the heart. They have been told that they must stop moaning all the time, because it actually takes people's interest away from them."

Levin proposed that the reason might also be for "another documentary," while host Isabel Webster contended that it would be "beneficial for King Charles" to spend time with the grandchildren since he has "limited familiarity" with them.

"He's been unwell, everyone's been unwell, perhaps it's time for families to be united,” Webster commented.

To this, Levin responded, "I think in the end one of them will be poorly or they say they're poorly and they won't come as well, because it would a very, very long journey if they're just here for a day for small children to come.”

"Even on a private plane - I think there's a lot of manipulation and sly work going on I'm afraid."